Our Variety of Cuts

Ribeye Steaks

$20.00/lb – 1 per pack

Marbled to perfection, this juicy cut is tender and packed with a robust buttery flavor. Enjoy the tremendous aroma while cooking as the ribbons of fat melt seamlessly into the leaner sections, basting the meat from the inside out.

Filet Mignon

$23.00/lb – 1 per pack

Lean and lush, the filet mignon is by far the most tender cut of beef. With a subtle flavor, this meat can be seasoned countless way, or eaten on its own. Either way, you’ll be thrilled with this gourmet selection.

Beef Tips

$9.99/lb – 1 lb per pack

Experiment an array of marinades with whichever beef tip dish you prefer. These can be used in a variety of dishes and adapt to different seasonings exquisitely.

Sirloin Steaks

$12.00/lb – 1 per pack

The most popular restaurant consumer selection, sirloin steak is famous for a reason. Delicious and lean, this cut is simple to prepare and will assuredly satisfy.

New York Strip Steaks
$15.00/lb – 1 per pack

A steakhouse favorite, the New York Strip is marbled and tender with a flavor that leaves you wanting more.

Minute Steaks


Exquisitely flattened to tender perfection, minute steaks are quick and easy to prepare as the name suggests. Great for countless recipes from Philly Cheesesteak to Steak and Gravy, you’ll be amazed by this versatile cut.

Ground Beef

$6.50/lb – Comes in 1 LB packs

An American classic, our tenderized ground beef is excellent for tacos, hamburgers, meatloaf and many other dishes. Flavorful and juicy, this meat sets the stage for a crowd pleasing meal.

Beef Brisket

$8.00/lb – Avg 6-8# each

This flavorful cut is traditionally used for corned beef and makes for an excellent barbeque entree. Cook slowly at a low temperature to bring out the full, tenderized flavor.

Beef Fajita Meat

$7.50/lb – 1lb 


Beef Patties

$7.00/lb – 4 per pack

With the perfect amount of fat, our beef patties are the ideal choice for a classic hamburger. Throw these on the grill to highlight their mouth-watering taste.

Soup Bones

$3.00/lb – 1-2 per pack

Look no further for mind-blowing flavor in your broths and stews with our high quality soup bones. Combine with your choice of vegetables and spices to make a well-balanced, warming brew.

Marrow Beef Bone

$5.00/lb – 1-2 per pack

Use to make broth or as a replacement for butter, beef marrow bone is linked to many health benefits in addition to its amazing flavor punch.

Beef Ribs


Get the hand wipes ready when devouring these flavorful beef ribs. Excellent with your favorite barbecue sauce. Pair with some corn on the cob, coleslaw, and cornbread to complete the ideal American meal.

Beef Brats

$9.50/lb – 4 per pack

Full beef flavor, these brats are another classic barbeque favorite. Plan on your guests wanting more than one after enjoying one of these delicious beef brats.

Jalapeno & Cheese Brats

$9.50/lb – 4 per pack

If you love spice and savor all in one bite, these jalapeno and cheese brats will blow your taste buds away. Take it to the next level with your choice of condiments on your favorite brat bun.

Eye of Chuck Roast

$8.50/lb –  5-7 plus lbs 

Flat Iron Steak

$12.00/lb – 1 per pack

Tomahawk Ribeye

$30.00/lb – 1 per pack SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY

Chuck Roast

$8.00/lb  2-4 lbs

Coulotte Steak (Top Sirloin)

$12.00/lb- 1 per pack

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