The Story Behind Lick Creek Meats

Lick Creek Meats, located in Ashdown, Arkansas, was established in 2018 by the sole owner of Lick Creek Land & Cattle, Inc, Jennifer Sansom. Jennifer is a proud 5th generation rancher and business owner, raising her children to be the 6th generation. Her great grandparents and then grandparents owned P&S Packing in Texarkana, which supplied the majority of the beef within a 75 mile radius. The passion skipped a generation and then Lick Creek Meats was born. Though her Pawpaw Norman passed away in December of 2018, Jennifer still follows his advice, “Jenni, you can’t starve a profit out of a cow.” and “Treat people fairly and they will be fair with you.” 

Jennifer started noticing other mothers like herself, who wanted to know exactly where their meat came from.

“When we are able to know how our food is being processed, it makes us as moms feel that we are making healthy, wise choices for our families. I like to say, from our farm to your fork,” Jennifer said.

With her children Bandi and Bannon at her side, Jennifer considers herself a grass farmer first because producing quality forage for her cattle is what enables her to be a successful rancher.  Jennifer wears all the hats as a single mother, a tractor driver, her own veterinarian, the ranch manager, and fence builder. She is proud to have found her place as a rancher and mom offering quality meat and cattle.

“A lot of people think if you are a woman, you don’t really know anything about the cattle business. I try to prove them wrong,” she said. “I have alot of support.  I like to refer to my Dad as my best asset.  He is a rancher and businessman and is very up to date on markets, futures, and cattle in general.  He is typically my first call.”

Jennifer loves the life she’s built for her family and loves to serve the people surrounding Ashdown with homegrown, farm finished beef and pork.  “We are antibiotic and hormone free and our livestock is naturally-raised.”

“We are a simple family with the same frustrations, lives, and dreams as anyone else, but my passion is cattle from conception to your plate. I want to produce the best, therefore providing my customers with the best tasting beef and pork possible,” Jennifer said.

“The company is old-fashioned in the respect that we stand for God and for America.  I understand and emphathize with the single mom working two  jobs. I have been there.  I stand for girl bosses.  I also want my kids to see that what you work for is what you get.  Nothing comes easy.  And what we want you to get from us, is the best tasting meats because of our hard work,”  Jennifer reiterates.

Jennifer tells her children, “Don’t say I cannot, because we will!” She firmly believes that where there’s a will, there’s a way. “Just because we are girls or small does not mean we don’t have to try. Trying is half the battle.”

“I wouldn’t want to live any other life. I suppose it has to be in our blood, because we love it. Each day my goal is to produce quality cattle and beef so I can eliminate the middleman therefore keeping our beef fresh, reasonably priced, and identifiable. I want our customers to know the point of origin of their beef, just as China requires.”

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