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Welcome to Lick Creek Meats

Lick Creek Meats was established in 2018 by the sole owner of Lick Creek Land & Cattle, Inc., Jennifer Sansom.  Jennifer started noticing other mothers like herself, who wanted to know exactly where their meat came from and Lick Creek Meats was born. Lick Creek Meats is located in Ashdown, Arkansas and is proud to provide high quality beef and pork products.  Jennifer and her family are committed to agriculture and their passion is ranching.  And you can taste it in their premium dry aged meats!

Premium Angus & SimAngus Cattle

Angus cattle are famously known for their quality marbling. Adequate fat is evenly dispersed through the different cuts of meat guaranteeing savory flavor in each bite. That’s why each time you slice into a piece of Angus beef, it’s tender and the juices flow as the bite melts in your mouth. Can’t you taste it now?  Simmental influence is prevelant in our cattle as well as they are a fast growing breed with ample muscle and milk.  We believe Angus and Simmental cattle offer the best qualities a bovine can offer!

Premium Pork

In addition to beef, we have added pastured pork! Our hogs enjoy the best of both worlds.  They spend their days roaming our pastures and their evenings are spent in their barn with free choice access to feed, minerals, and cold well water.  Happy healthy hogs equals delicious meat!

100% Antibiotic Free

Our Meat is raised 100% antibiotic free. When beef and pork is produced this way, it increases the health benefits of eating meat! It’s healthier for your heart because there are less overall fats and unhealthly fats in the cuts of meat, it can lower your levels of dietary cholesterol. Not to mention, with this less fat, the meat cooks faster! This way you can enjoy the tasty cuts of meat and benefit your health!

Family Farm Raised & Finished

We are a family that truly cares about our beef and pork and how it’s produced. It’s not a career choice, it’s a life we love and we are grateful for the opportunity we have to provide you with a healthy and delicious choice of beef and pork.

We offer a variety of cuts of dry aged beef and pork ranging from ground beef to mouth watering ribeyes to sausage to porkchops!

Every cut of beef and pork is carefully processed and USDA inspected. Check out our variety of products!

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